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Kautschukbitumen-Keil /
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WIROBIT®-Kautschukbitumen-Keil is a fibre reinforced filled bitumen product modified with polymer.

WIROBIT®-Kautschukbitumen-Keil has got many advantages:

  • easy and fast to apply
  • self-levelling
  • right after the application of the Wirobit®-Keils the following working steps can take place
  • widely weatherproofed and ageing resistant
  • permanent waterproofed
  • flexible at cold temperatures
  • high bonding capacity
  • can be problem-free overbuild with i. e. PYE welded bitumen sheeting, bitumen thick layer compound or similar
  • entirely bonding with Wirobit®-Kautschuckbitumen guarantees the non-underrunning (no horizontal water dissipation at the connection area)

Application instructions:

1. Preparatory work
The subsoil has to be dry, clean and free from dust. Loose particles have to be removed.

2. Primer
The subsoil be pre-treated with primer before the application of WIROBIT®-Keils. For WIROBIT®-Kautschukbitumen-Keile a WIROBIT®-Voranstrich had been developed, it forms a system toghether with the WIROBIT®-Keil.
The primer will be applied with the help of a suitable tool.

3. Application
After taking WIROBIT®-Kautschukbitumen-Keil out of the carton it will be rolled along the installation point and holohedral sticked together with WIROBIT®-Kautschukbitumen in the corner. Therefore WIROBIT®-Kautschukbitumen will be applied smouthly along the tallying building part and the WIROBIT®-Keil will be pressed therein in such a way that at the upper key end WIROBIT®-Kautschukbitumen creeps out smoothly.
Together with the primer a durable bonding is guaranteed.

Has to be stored in the original cartons dry and cool, max. 4 cartons can be stacked.
The shelf life of WIROBIT®-Kautschukbitumen-Keils is under these conditions almost unlimited.

Key dimensions:
·  30 x 30 mm

Special dimensions (such as)
 · 25 x 25 mm,
 · 25 x 30 mm,
 · 40 x 40 mm, on inquiry

Cleaning agent:
Commercial bitumen cleaning agent

Technical data:
 Kind of product: polymer modified bitumen with fillers
 Softening point ring and ball: >90°C
 Needle penetration: approx 45 1/10 mm
 Rückstellverhalten bei 0°C: approx 24 %
 Cold bending behaviour at 0°C: Keine Risse beim Biegen
 Extension and adhesion property at -10°C:  >10 %


This product information is in accordance with our current information stand, the stated data are average values under normal conditions. The applicator is obliged to check the suitability and the possible applications for the intended purposes. For special technical information please do not hesitate to contact us. Our products are sold subject to our General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Rev: 6/99




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